For years, I have decorated my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t know what started this tradition, but I think it began when I was a child. Mom and Dad always wanted to have our tree up as long as possible. My Dad was a kid at heart. So this year was no different. The only real difference is that I now buy a tree in the northeast Georgia mountains, and I pay only $25 for one that is freshly cut from North Carolina!

Anne got a tree, too, but also enjoyed standing by the outside heater!

And Pat enjoyed everything but did find a tiny little bug box inside the gift shop that reminded her of her childhood in Japan.

Two trees! The larger one was Anne’s and the smaller was the one that got to come back to Atlanta.

Always fun to put Christmas trees on top of the car and head home to build a fire and decorate.

Anne and Pat shopping on Saturday in Clayton.