Glorious sky! When I lived in northeast Georgia, Sunday afternoons were a favorite. I would pack up the dogs and drive up into the mountains. This past Saturday I got to repeat what I loved doing so much and the dogs were with me along with friends. This shot was taken just before sunset as snow clouds blew through the area. This field, located outside of Sautee,  is one that I have photographed often.

Unicoi Lake is where we used to have lunch on Sundays. We would grab sandwiches at Betty’s in Helen and then drive to a place where we could overlook the lake.

And then there is this new favorite place—the Sweetwater Coffee House. This is the real thing—locally owned and the guy’s Mom even bakes a cake for him every morning so he can slice it up and sell it to loyal customers like me and my friends. This past weekend we had a slice of pumpkin cake with coffee. That was a special treat.