While hiking on Cumberland, I came up on a table outside of one of the houses where island staff live. I couldn’t help but photograph the table that was filled with “collectables.”

Then I couldn’t help myself when it came to “collecting” Jim’s photo  as he was drinking from one of the island’s only water fountains. As he gulped away, I wondered how long the fountain had been there? Yikes! The water was actually pretty good—very coastal but cool and good.

Here’s Pat climbing up one of the island’s many sand dunes. We’re all collecting memories.

On the way out to the beach, we found a hawk feather and I just knew I had a “find” and a “collectable.” But was quickly told by someone in our group that I could not take hawk feathers off the island.

More climbing of sand dunes. Notice the marshes in the background. Cumberland is an unbelievable place.

Found this little guy near the beach and certainly did not try to pack him out! But he was pretty perfect!

We collected lots of these on our shoes! On the boat over Anne announced that she was going to put on her sandals. I just listened and smiled. After a half hour on the island, she had changed her mind and here’s the reason why in two words: sand spurs!