One of my favorite places to visit is Tallulah Gorge. I always titled my posts of this area “Living above the Rim.” But that was when I was living only twenty minutes away. This day, the winter shadows were long and the gorge was dark. It was an expected view though I always forget that the Gorge has seasons and this was it’s winter. Thankfully, we were able to pull some photos out even though we were there late in the afternoon.

I had kept up with HB while her Mom went into the Jane Hurt center. This is an eye-level view of a very focused little puppy dog.

Then guess what: Mom came back and all was well again. We were—Happy! Happy! Happy!

The Gorge was so dark and wintery that I focused on its greens where birds and other animals find shelter from the wind and cold. These are sheltering trees. . . . short needle pines that bring a steadiness to the landscape and to my heart.

Last week’s  snow laces the Gorge behind this branch.

And this is the view from a bench where the winter sun warmed us and caught us wishing for spring.

Long shadows. . . . one of my favorite things about these warm winter days. Before we know it, these days will only be notes in our leather journals.