Here’s Minnehaha Falls. It really is one of the prettiest little waterfalls in northeast Georgia. And it is an easy walk to the base of the falls. The only difficult thing is finding it. It’s located on the backside of Lake Rabun. But I usually take Bear Gap Road to the small parking area. A small hand-crafted sign marks the pathway and the name on it is misspelled! However, Google, of course, knows its location.

Pat and Anne with the dogs. Chip is watching Holly Berry, Cocoa is watching me, and Holly is, too. I don’t think she’s too worried about the camera.

I love this pathway and have photographed these same trees for years. It is narrow, covered with pine needles, and at times winds through a rhododendron forest.

Long afternoon shadows on the pathway to Minnehaha Falls, which tells me we are still in the middle of winter. Even though snow is on the way to this area, spring is, too!

Anne and I both photographed this same tree. I guess the fact that someone took so much time to cut a square into it caught our attention.

The only sign that lets you know you have found the falls is located on a dirt road but the name is spelled wrong.