PJ loved having me home and pretty much stayed in this position all day. In fact, he is still in the same place which is on the sofa behind me. Well, I just checked and he has turned around is facing a different way. But yep, in the same spot.

We were supposed to have snow and some ice, but then the weather report changed and suddenly we were encased in ice.

Finally, I got a fire going and kept it that way all day. The wood I bought was a little green. But the guy told me, “Lady, no one in Atlanta has seasoned wood at this time of the year.”

So in order to forget the fact that the wood was a little green, I made frothy coffee and you know what that means: dogs go wild for the stuff!

More ice—so much ice—that it began to look like snow.

At the end of the day when I thought all hope was gone for snow, it began to snow and then it turned dark and it was still snowing. That’s living in Cobb County.