A few weeks ago we were at Dukes Creek Falls and saw this lone backpack without an owner. I’m sure the person was in the area but we were there for awhile and no one came to claim it. It seemed content just sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting. When all of us left the area, this little pack was still there. I thought its owner would show up sooner or later, and then I recalled how God is the God of lost things. He shows up in our lives just when we need Him the most.

Anne Graham Lotz says, “He is the God of the second chance, the fat chance, the slim chance, the no chance. He forgives and He forgets. He creates and He cleanses. He restores and He rebuilds. He heals and He helps. He reconciles and He redeems. He comforts and He carries. He lifts and He loves” (Just Give Me Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz) I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Click here to hear Anne.