Sharon Morden took this photo so we are minus one but I thought this was a perfect group photo to post. What a fun group we had to hike the five miles to the Len Foote Hike Inn yesterday (Sunday). I’m going to post more photos but I can’t thank these folks enough for the special way they said Happy Birthday to me. Thank you Beth, Anne, Sharon, and Pat!

Here’s the coveted map to the Inn! It was a moderate walk but longer than we had hiked together before. We did great and the people at the Hike Inn were fabulous!


Okay, Sharon is in this photo and we may look a little tired but we had a blast. And the bear bells worked! We arrived without incident and even passed other hikers with bear bells, too, who told us to “take no chances.” The bears in north Georgia are getting ready to hibernate for the winter so they are out on the trails eating nuts and berries!