I’m in Canada in the middle of a storm looking out over Lake Erie and can honestly say that I have never had an adventure like this one. Wow! The B&B where I’m staying overlooks the lake and what a light show we are having with a local thunder storm. This photo is of the Pelee Island light house on the island where I was for two nights. The little island was wild, remote, and totally relaxing. Everyone that visits this lighthouse has to hike 1.5 k  to get to it. I chose to make the walk at sunset hoping it would be a bit cooler. Canada is in the middle of a huge heatwave. It was 91 at Point Pelee today! No one up here can believe the weather and to be honest, it feels more like Sanibel, Florida, than north of the American border.

Here’s a photograph of the backside without sunset light and the wonderful braces! The Pelee Lighthouse was built in 1833, which makes it the second oldest Canadian lighthouse on Lake Erie. Its purpose was to guide ships through the hazardous Pelee Passage. In 2000, the lighthouse was restored to its former glory and it makes for a wonderful photo!