I’m going to learn video. For years, I watched other professionals work with this using high end cameras. They also had production trucks and crews and talked endlessly about their experience! So it’s only natural that I find video a little overwhelming to deal with on a regular basis. But I’m going to learn it, because I’m brave and NDY (Not Dead Yet)! Still, I’m begging my friends: Please do not “recommend” me on Linkedin. I’m not adding it as a new skill anytime in the near future.

Of course, there are things about this that have changed with the years. For one thing Jonathan, who is part of the Whiteboard team, is using a Canon D7 to capture HD video. He also has a slide for his tripod. I want one of those! This was taken in the loft area at CDH.

This is always a favorite shot for the photographers, who come to the building. It’s our interior design library taken from the loft overhead.

And here is more of the loft area with Neel making faces on a lower level. This section is a part of the original building, and where I often met with Ernest while doing work with the firm years ago.