Mesmerized by the sky and with a camera in my hand I can see why people film storms. I knew I had a window in time to take photos of the gathering storm last night. Then I needed to head for shelter!

The house sits on a hill above a small lake and some wetlands. We just knew we were going to get hit by the storm because “Glenn said” it was seven miles wide. Where do you go to get away from that? Only one tree came down and it fell away from the house. I was grateful as Michelle (the lady who owns this home), and I walked over the backyard.

I didn’t use a filter for this one. It was sunset—pure and simple. I’m always amazed at the color of the sky in this area, especially after a storm. We drove over to BJ’s to see if she was okay and she was! Lanterns were lit and dinner was on the table! I couldn’t stay but drove away thinking how wonderful it is to have her living so close. I’ve know BJ since ALTA tennis days, which is way toooo long to remember!