One of Cocoa’s trainers still calls her Cocomo! You know from the Beach Boys song: Kokomo—off the Florida Keys, etc. She hasn’t been there, but she’s been to Coco Beach and has a Ron Jon Surf Shop sticker on her kennel to prove it!

The good news is that she is doing better. We have had a tough time recently with an infection that two other vets missed! It took a return to the Atlanta area and to her first vet to find it. Many dollars later, the infection is on the run, and Cocoa-mo is getting well. Yesterday evening, we were at one of her favorite places—a duck pond in Smyrna. All I have to do is ask her if she wants to “see the ducks” and she goes nuts. Good sniffs, lots of children (easy pats and rubs), and of course, the ducks! Plus alone time with me, which  means up close and personal time together without Chippy!