There are good greens, and there are bad greens. Moss is a “good” green because it feels so wonderful under bare feet.

Here is another good green with a touch of color—a tiny white flowers. Greens change with the location, time of day, and season. The earlier it is in spring, the brighter the green—makes sense.

Another good green. Nothing trumpets spring like the bright foliage of new ferns. And then there are the bad greens . . . .

Like these— Pois0n Ivy!! Yikes and double yikes. I’m glad I didn’t walk through this patch, but Cocoa did. In fact, she went off trail and stood in it! Then she came running back to me—the person who is so allergic to the stuff that I have often ended up in the emergency room asking for a shot of cortisone! 🙂