Last night, we arrived at Dog School 101 for our first lesson in “Sniff and Seek.” This is a basis class that uses principles from Search and Rescue. I was amazed that the first thing Cocoa did was to come into the room and lay down. This is what she did as a puppy! Then she listened . . . because she knew Sandy or Xalina would soon appear. Actually, Sandy did come to see her and was carrying gifts to be used in the class.

What a happy dog she is whenever she is in this environment. It’s pure fun and safety to her! I was reminded all over again just how talented these two trainers are. Cocoa is eight now and still learning new things. I am, too! Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?!!

Of course, Cocoa continues to practice some of her “old tricks,” too, and now she has a side kick—Chip! Yes, that’s Bil-Jac in the bag, and it is just one of the reasons why being at Dog School is so fantastic!

She checked out all the new doggie accessories and proclaimed that she wanted one of everything!

Here she’s waiting for Xalina to come through the door and begin the class. If someone tells you dogs don’t smile, don’t believe it! She’s smiling!