I absolutely love visiting Chattanooga these days. The city has evolved into an eclectic community of artists and vibrant design firms. I keep thinking I could live here but I won’t do that.

Taylor had an emergency in Atlanta so I’m sure we passed one another on the road. Ross took over the “show and tell” portion of the new site and is making all the updates we need.

Show and tell: the site is beautiful! Eric came by to give me a huge hug and tell me that they were on board with another future project that is coming down the pike. I think this is one of my favorite times in life. So much disappointment five months ago and now so much pleasure and thankfulness. Isn’t that how we learn in life? Would we ever appreciate the sunlight of the blessing without walking through the valley?

The chalkboard reads: the past makes a perfect present. Well said, especially if we learn from life’s experiences and make a conscious decision to move forward when faced with a challenge. Nothing is too difficult for God to solve.