Wow! Yesterday I had an opportunity to see my cousins on my Dad’s side of the family for the first time in years. We were once scattered from north to south. Rosalyn lived in Jacksonville, Florida with her family; and Debbie (Madden) and her family were in Miami; and Georgia grew up in Ohio. I was the only one who lived in Georgia, but we had connections through loving aunts and uncles, who made sure we reconnected from time-to-time, especially in the summer. Family truly does matter, and I’m grateful we were together again even for a short amount of time.

We even had an opportunity to recreate the photo (below) that was taken at Aunt Sally’s home in Palmetto, Georgia, when we were very young. Debbie and Carl, thank you again and again for hosting our family’s reunion yesterday! Your lake house is absolutely lovely!

The four cousins: Georgia, Debbie, Angie, and Rosalyn.