I’ve long been convinced that I could “play by myself.” Yesterday, I wandered away from friends and into a side room of a wonderful old antique shop in Lavonia, Georgia, where I found this mirror and a vintage mink stole shrug that was just like one my mother once had.

Notice that I’m still using the Nikon D 40 even though I have a larger camera. It is just a fun camera to have. I can toss it into a side bag and take it anywhere and it will snap really good photos in almost any kind of light. (This photo was taken in very low light at ISO 800.) It’s been everywhere with me: England, white water rafting (in a water tight bag), late evening concerts, the beach (repeatedly), the top of mountains, and in dense forests.  I’m sure some of the newer Nikons do just as well and even a lot better. But for now, this little camera is still turning out great, fun photos and that is what it’s all about—finding time to have some fun in an otherwise stressful world.