Dear Mrs. Anaya (the only other person on the planet who shares my love for antique chairs), I saw this one yesterday and thought I could not leave without it. But I did, I walked away.


Everywhere I turned there was another row or chairs. The ones on the left were in a group. The one across from them looked lonely. The two behind this group were a pair and the ones against the wall once belonged to a larger group and then there was the desk chair and the one behind the desk in this photo they were chairs with purposes.


There were chairs everywhere. These were very old and very expensive.


These two were orphan chairs. Pure and simple. Chances are no one will want to take them home. Even I moved on, I still could not forget the first chair. I drove away but I wondered who once had owned it? Who had shaped its pointed back and thick cane bottom? Soon, I found that I could not forget it. So today I drove back and . . .


I bought it!