I’ve decided to stay “put” for this vacation. Brenda at work calls it a “Staycation,” and she says everyone is doing it. I confess that I’m tired. Work has been draining and the thought of not having to pack and unpack along with rushing dogs to Atlanta where they stay with the folks at Bark Avenue or with Sandy feels good. So, now that the decision has been made what can I do to keep something exciting flowing on this blog? Asheville for a day? The Carl Sandburg house? Madison, Georgia? Kayaking with the folks from the church? The Highlands? Call Mary Erna and find out if she and her pack are up for a day trip? And of course there will be more hiking adventures. Cocoa and Chip need to stretch their legs. So stay tuned for the “Staycation Adventure.”

I’m currently reading three books. (I always end up doing this.) This time three novels. I need to finish at least one so I can lessen the pressure of finding out what happens next. With all of that going on, I was not tempted in the least to purchase any of the antique books on this shelf in an old antique shop in Martin, Georgia.

This was a place of complete organized junk. It looks like chaos but believe it or not everything was neat and in a categorized place. I’m on the hunt for a antique china wolf that is howling to satisfy the need Chip and Cocoa have to identify with the Jack London novels.