Almost every evening I head out for a sunset drive with the dogs. I’ll say, “Do you want to go see the cows?” Cocoa runs for the door and Chip runs for the hallway. I don’t get that. It is just something he does.

They love cows—now. There was a time though when Chipley hated cows, and I thought, This dog will never make it in the mountains. You have to understand that cows are everywhere up here. Some people have a herd while others have just a few “heads” with a couple of horses thrown in. And from a dog’s perspective, horses really raise the bar of excitement.

This photo has nothing to do with cows or horses, but it was taken last night at sunset near Yonah Dave while we were out for our usual ride. It reminds me of an old postcard from the 40’s—sort of dark with watercolor tints. And yes, a few minutes later we did ride down a road that parallels a field containing plenty of cows, a few horses, and even a rogue deer!