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Good Morning!

I couldn't resist posting this photograph.  It is such a beautiful flower and I know that my dear friend Peggy Bass, who is with the Lord now, would love it too. She always had a spiritual analogy to share with me as a result of the flowers in her garden. Sadly, I can't remember very [...]

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Just Ducky

I don't know what to write about this photo. Let's see: "Sitting Pretty?" No . . . maybe not. "Just Ducky"? That's weird and a little slap-stick. Not into that either. . . . The truth is—he was just a cute little duck that was very content to watch me take his photograph. And he [...]

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Lunch, Ice Cream, and A Purple Flower

I'm one of those persons who enjoys recording the normal events of the day. Above we are heading into the Brickyard in Greenville for lunch. The food was great; the desert (the first one I have had in months) even better—fresh (homemade) pineapple cake. Great choice! Then we passed on the offer for ice cream, [...]

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Sleepy Cove at Yonah

I always forget about this sleepy little cove on Lake Yonah. It's easy to do. You drive down one road and see something you think is unforgettable; but somehow, you forget it. How do we do that? Forget things that are so meaningful and rich? After a thundershower the other night, I followed the Panther [...]

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