I know these are not the best photos. But the bottom line is this: I had dogs pulling me all over Greenville, South Carolina and no one really wanted to get his or her photo taken. Cocoa Joy barely agreed to sit while I took the one above in front of the dog treat case. And in the one below, Chipley tried to hide from the camera. It was his first visit to Mast General Store. The people who run these stores are great. When I walked in, I stopped at the front counter and asked if the dogs could do a little shopping. The lady that greeted me said, “Yes, if you will let me give them a dog treat!” Yummy!

Chip was such a good dog that I could hardly believe it was him—in his own “dog skin!” In this photo he’s considering a new dog collar—one that would match his spots. Mmmmm

I know this is out of focus but you get the picture: Cocoa just kissed the sales guy. Later, she went on to kiss the Starbuck’s guy, too, when he delivered water to her table. Guess she had a busy day.

They both decided they needed new food bowls. In this photo, Chipley tried one out for size while Cocoa looks at one that costs more than twice what I wanted to spend.

Finally after all that shopping fun, it was time for a break and an ice cold . . . .

In the end, we all came to one conclusion. It is much better to —

Have a great week!