I thought it might be fun to post a photo of the view above my new office. I love living in the mountains again! (Wish I could post a photo of the night sounds that come from the woods that back up to my house.) This sky reminded me of something Oswald Chambers wrote in the book The Love of God: “God engineers our circumstances as He did those of His Son; all we have to do is to follow where He places us. [The problem is] the majority of us are busy trying to place ourselves! But God alters things while we wait for Him . . . . [The fact is] a Christain is one who can live in the midst of trouble and turmoil with the glory of God indwelling him, while he stedfastly looks not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. We have to learn to think only of things which are seen as a glorious chance of enabling us to concentrate on the things which are not seen.”