After having dinner with Fotosmilie last week, I decided to add these photos to my Website. I’m still learning how to use this new camera. But she was a great encourager. She kept saying, “These are sharp. . . . Look at this one.” I think I’m just too critical and my current computer and Photoshop set up is way less than ideal. But I got an email from the IT director where I work asking what type of Mac I need. So, help is on the way.


Week before last, we stopped off at Smithgall Woods. After being there only a few minutes, I knew this would be a place I would want to return to often. While this photo isn’t the best, it does provide a quick look at the beautiful scenery. The camera was hand-held and taken on the run while being pulled along behind by a squirrel-chasing cocker spaniel.


We passed through just one of the many fern glades at Smithgall.


We didn’t have time to hike to the water fall, which was several miles away from the visitor’s center. But we did enjoy the natural beauty of this really cool state park.

Butterfly 2a

Finally, here’s a symbol of new life and new beginnings—a photo of a lone butterfly at Cooper’s Creek near Vogel State Park.