Cocoa Joy spent the morning getting her hair done for Christmas and then in the evening she had her first round of visitors. This is another tradition—Miss Betty (left) and Miss Opal (right) dropped by for coffee and Christmas cookies. Later, this week, we’ll all pile into the car and go to see Christmas lights together. But on this night, we were happy just to sit around and talk about being friends and loving one another. Opal is quite famous in our area. She is over 80 years old and still does most of her own yard work! She gives us advice for our yard, loves on Cocoa and PJ the cat, who is asleep on the sofa above her head, and is just a wonderful neighbor. Betty is a lovely person who is so kind hearted. She bakes the most delious cookies and always gives lots of hugs and kisses to Cocoa Joy. Both women are an answer to prayer. We could not ask for more loving neighbors. My grandmother was right: Christmas is a time for friendship.