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Long Distant View

Believe it or not, Cocoa is watching an airplane fly over. Kennesaw is located near Dobbins Airforce base, and the weekends are busy with air traffic—jumbo jets and fighter planes. I don't know the exact names, and probably think I will "date" myself if I write: F-16s, though that is what I always think they [...]

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Cocoa Come!

One of the commands Cocoa loves is "come." I have no idea how Sandy and Xalina (Dog School 101) taught her this so quickly, but from day one she fell in love with this command. I'm really careful how and where I practice it. Sunday was a perfect day and the battlefields at Kennesaw Mountain [...]

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What’s With It?

What's with greed? A toy chest that overflows with "EEs," and Cocoa Joy is relentless in her attempts to "steal" the cat's one lone toy — a plastic ball with a bell that was probably purchased at WalMart.  "One lone" toy because that's all he has, especially since anything he is given usually ends up [...]

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