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Lasting Enchantment

I love this photo and I really don't know why. Maybe it has a certain enchantment. This week's rain and fog have tempted me to remember the day we spent at Lewis's house—dodging showers, drinking tea, and eating biscuits with the the lady, who was the Warden. "My first taste of Oxford," wrote Lewis, "was [...]

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Move In Date

  I just read some place today that today in 1930, C. S. Lewis and his brother Warren (Warnie) along with Mrs. Moore and her daughter and their dog moved into the Kilns—the home where Lewis lived until his death on November 22, 1963. This photo of the Kilns was taken several years ago while [...]

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Marking A British Anniversary

Just received a Twitter from St. Paul's Cathedral in London saying today marks the 70th anniversary of evacuation of British citizens during World War II. Germany had begun bombing raids on the city at night, and the decision was made to send as many people—particularly children—as possible to homes outside of the London area. The [...]

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