When we were at the Kilns, we thought we had found C.S. Lewis’s typewriter, but who knows if it is or not. I believe it maybe one that was used by his brother. I need to ask our resident Lewis expert Dr. Donald Williams what he thinks. He has taught classes at the Kilns and has promised to take me on a walking tour of the colleges when I return to Oxford. Regardless, the idea of such a “find” is a romantic thought.

For years Warren helped Jack, who was notorious for wanting to answer every letter that came to him, with his correspondence. He also worked with Lewis to create a collection of those letters that were later publish as a book after Jack’s death. Warren or Warnie, as Jack and others called him, went on to published an interesting book Brother & Friends: The Diaries of Major Warren Hamilton Lewis on the relationship he had with his brother. It’s no longer in print, but I did find a used copy on ebay. The few new copies that exist start at $487!