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These are "cooking" pumpkins. They are lighter in color than the ones that are dark orange—the ones that we love to set outside our doors alongside big baskets of colorful mums. Fall is on the way to northeast Georgia. Today, it rained for the first times in weeks. Temperatures are much cooler, too, and change [...]

Glidded Edges

Have you ever wondered why gates are so perfect in Britain? Probably not but I have. The one above proves that they really are quite "perfect" in England. Of course, this one has golden edges, and it is located at Windsor Castle (where the Queen likes to kick back on the weekends). But that's beside [...]

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I have a bird feeder located near the patio area. It's also close to where I get in my car each morning. The little birds are less afraid than the larger birds that come into the yard. This little guy stopped eating long enough to let me grab his photo.

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Turned Funny

I recently read something Atlanta author Celestine Sibley wrote that made me shake my head and smile. Well, actually it made me laugh. For years, Sibley was a beloved author and columnist for the Atlanta newspapers (The Journal and The Constitution). I almost never missed her articles because they were usually about the [...]

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A Yellow Tree

First day of fall and already the trees are beginning to change colors in northeast Georgia. I forgot what it felt like to wake up with cooler weather; and yet, this is exactly what happened this morning. What a welcomed relief!

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Fancy Colors

Lots of color and kimono fabrics were the standard fare at the JapanFest in Atlanta this weekend. The event was held inside so I was fighting with "low light" situations. Being back in Atlanta for something like this was eye-opening. Guys were running around with expensive camera and flash units that had soft light attachments [...]

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