Living in Stephens County

/Living in Stephens County

From Here to There and Back Again

This was the first day we have paddled just over a week ago, and we wanted to explore the lake before the levels increase. Notice the shoreline in this photo; Lake Hartwell is struggling to get past the major decline from an almost year-long drought. All the rocks behind Pat are usually underwater but you [...]

You Can Buy the Book!

We started on our Lake Hartwell hike on a sandy beach and ended up walking through beautiful, tall grasses that were filled with lots of things. Earthy things that become pocket treasures and things that end up in a small hand crafted wooden bowl at the cottage. There were also things that fit perfectly into [...]

Brilliant Sunset

We feel like it's spring and the sunsets are certainly becoming more dramatic! They do that in northeast Georgia this time of the year. The little hill in this photo is Currahee Mountain. It's funny how being at a distance changes our perspective. It's a couple of miles to the top of Currahee! During our [...]

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