This cow drove me crazy when I first started taking photos at this field. She was younger and always in my face! I could hardly take photos of the other cows because she was determined to be in all the photos. Little has changed.

Over the past year, she has stolen my camera bag once, licked my camera lens countless times, and wanted to be petted every time I get out of the car. This past winter, some of this changed and it was sad. The rains made “Red” sad. It seemed like it was raining all over her world—everyday. The fields were flooded and she, along with the others, had to stand in mud up over the hoofs. I almost stopped visiting the fields because the mud was harassing to me, too!


Finally, we got a break in the weather this past week and I drove down to see “the Martian” cows. This time I found them by the fence looking so much better. I have stopped getting in this field mainly because of Red’s infatuation with me and because of her horns. She just doesn’t know where her nose begins and ends. And she certainly doesn’t know her size!

This time her owner was there feeding his small herd, and Red was particularly acting up and out! He told him that Red seemed better. He explained that the constant rain was not good for the cows. Though he made sure they had fresh hay, that was still not enough, and he had become worried. He gave them sweet grains to help with their diets. Also, Red had a baby in the middle of the winter another drawback for her. Winters are cold and babies need extra attention.

But on this visit, I found that the fields had turned green—almost overnight! The babies were running and playing together, and Red was back to her old self. She reached through the fence and tried to steal a lenses bag and then at my rebuke lifted her head up over the fence for me to rub. But as usual, it didn’t stop there.

She came even closer—stretching the fencing until I could hear it popping as if it would come down. So, she got her rubs in and seemed very glad that was there and that the rain, for now, had stopped!