I’m not a fan of sun glare but this seemed to work the other night. I realize that many think it’s cool. I get it! And there is something fun about these photos. This farm is in Martin. It’s so hard to photograph because the sun is either too “hot” or setting and very bright. Still, I always stop and let Chip “see” these cows.

Looking through the farm gate: it’s the red at the top of this photo. I used it as a sun shield! LOL! When I pulled up, the cows came running to me. Then I realized they saw my SUV and thought I was their owner coming to feed them.

Remember, there is always one in the group that seems to want to check me out along with my camera. Here’s last night’s curious cow! She followed me everywhere and was sure I was going to give her something better to eat! Of course, Chipley went wild with hope that he would get to meet her. The cows were mooing and he was whining! In fact the more he whined, the more they mooed! And so it goes!