The main thing I have learned about being around cows is that they are curious. The second thing I have learned is that they are very social. I call the cow on the right Bosco! I named her that after the chocolate syrup I loved as a child and the syrup my parents grew up using.

I have about three groups of cows that I photograph and these are by far my favorites. There’s a small herd near Martin that is fun to photograph, but they have gotten way too friendly. These cows belong to a family in Toccoa, and the herd is just now getting to know me. This means they are not digging through my camera bags looking for treats! (The Martin cows actually do!)

The third thing I have learned is to try to get on their level. The two above got pretty close and wanted to see my camera! But that’s it. Seriously, they wanted to sniff it, and I held it out and let them do it. I’m not afraid! LOL!

I use long lenses for most of my photos, but I also walk parallel with the herd. (smile) I learned recently—what is threatening to them walking straight toward them. It frightens them, and they scatter.  I don’t like to chase them. So, I walk to the side and pray Curly Charlie is distracted enough to let me do this. Usually, he is, especially if Chip is with me.

They are so cute! Sadie and her group watch me and position themselves between me and the babies. But there’s a problem: the babies have grown and want to know what I’m doing. So, they are beginning to “check” me out.

Like I said, Curly Charlie watches me and I watch him—for a very good reason! He’s “long lens” material! He is so strong!

At first, I was afraid of this one, but she has turned out to be sweet. I need to think of a name for her. She loves Chipley and spent an hour or so with him at the fence—just looking and going nose-to-nose with him. Chip’s in doggie heaven whenever he is around cows.

Just ‘ole wild west’ sort of photo without any of the “wild” part!

Me and a print of one of my favorite cows! The lighting was a little crazy in this photo but you get the picture! It was taken in the local art studio.