I go to Tallulah Gorge two or three times a year but I pass by it probably every weekend on the way to Franklin or some other North Carolina town. I only walk to the bottom once a year or maybe once every two years. I have boundaries. (Laughing) The walk to the bottom always cripples me for the next few days after I surface, but the pain is always worth it. The floor of “Gorge” is breath-taking.

It’s one of the most spectacular canyons in the eastern U.S. — over two miles long and nearly 1,000 feet deep! You can hike rim trails to several overlooks, or get a permit to hike to the gorge floor. Only 100 people per day are allowed at the bottom but not during water releases when the floor is totally flooded.

Halfway down is a suspension bridge that sways 80 feet above the rocky bottom. From there you can see the Tallulah River along with some powerful waterfalls. Tightrope walkers have twice crossed the gorge; Karl Wallenda was just one. So, it is a pretty fun place.

I never take this view for granted. This was an easy Sunday hike a couple of weeks ago because we stayed on the rim with Wessy.

Speaking of Wessy, she had all of us with her and she is so loved. She is good on a trail but pulls. I’m really praying about that. Please join me in praying that trainer Billy will soon have an open spot for her and she can go to “camp” to learn how to walk without pulling and how to obey without being a monkey!

I can remember hiking this trail years ago and thinking it was difficult. Funny, now that I’m older and had cancer nothing seems hard. Plus, I’m walking a lot and hiking, too. So not giving up or giving in really works. I’m grateful for everyday.

The Mountain Laurel was just beginning to bloom along the trail.

The views from the top rim trail are just as beautiful as ever and did I mention that Wessy loved every minute of this walk?

She did and she also loved having water and treats with us.

A long way down! Not sure if that is Hurricane Falls or not. It was a perfect day. No real shadows, so we could see down into the gorge.

You can’t just walk out on the edge. There are plenty of fences but sadly people do cross these and fall.

I believe this is called Sliding Rock for obvious reasons!

This guy or girl was quite interested in us and especially Wessy! Yikes!!