This is an easy hike to Oconee Station Falls (also called Station Cove Falls) near Walhalla, SC. It follows an old logging road and is probably a 20 minute walk to the falls. We took longer because we were walking Wessy, taking photos, and enjoying the spring flowers. This is a fun, heavily traveled 1.4 mile (in and out) walk. There were thousands of Mayapples ready to bloom.

The first part of the trail moves through a yellow wood, crosses a stream, and continues up hill to the falls!

Along the way, there are plenty of Trillium and other wild flowers in bloom. Beautiful!

Look at my Wessy Girl! She jumped into the water to retrieve a stick and suddenly looked up at the light. I don’t get too many opportunities like this one to photograph her.

She definitely got her stick! I have never had a dog that loves sticks. It’s a new adventure for me!

Station Cove Falls is beautiful any time of the year but on this day it was exceptional. Be prepared to get your feet a little damp when you cross the stream.

Sun and Spring. I love it.

Finally, some of the first ferns of spring.