We have been hearing about “Tate City” for a long time, and it is beautiful but it also was really damaged by the last hurricane that blew through. Still, it’s a great Sunday afternoon drive north of Clayton, Georgia, and then on to Tate City. Be sure to put that in your GPS and not Tate, Georgia.

Tate City is an unincorporated community in Towns County. It was originally founded as a mining and logging community and named after a Mr. Tate, who was a businessperson in the local lumber industry. I could not find out his first name but saw lots of real estate companies listed, so I guess people would really like to move to this area!

It’s a very scenic area with a valley that is located along the upper Tallulah River just south of the Georgia-North Carolina border.

There are lots of water falls along the river but the main attraction is the trout fishing. It is premier! We stopped several times just to photograph the river and noticed that snow clouds were gathering again.

As we rode along, I thought about how I had already learned a tremendous lesson (the hard way) with Wessy. This breed needs only one alpha owner. If she has too many people around her, she gets confused and that leads to double trouble.

Yesterday, I rode in the backseat with her. Gave her treats and water, but did let Pat and Anne walk her some. I have to be the main “go to” person for awhile. Then others can be worked in, but I’m it! She’s with me almost 24/7 except for the time she spends in the kennel or in pre-doggie school class.

More about Tate City which is basically a very sweet valley. Notice the leftover snow on the ground. I didn’t realize how close this area is to Standing Indian, North Carolina. Thus, the snow chances are much greater. I love the sunlight on the barn in this photo!

So, there are 32 people, who officially live in Tate City and I told Pat and Anne yesterday, I would like to be 33! It would not bother me in the least to move away from the mania that is about to hit our country! Pack it all up and move . . . there’s internet here and lots of firewood to warm the houses.

And because Tate City has it’s own mall, Wessy and I would be in great shape! Notice the limbs in this photo are much too big for her, but that did not stop her from collecting them!

Right now, we are into leaves (all sizes), twigs (all sizes), small tree limbs (the bigger the more challenging), and grub worms! Yikes. I have to be on the lookout at every turn. She’s such an outdoor dog—my little Wessy Joy!

Parting shot of the river.