It seems like only last week or last month but it has been a lot longer. It has been a year since I paddled my kayak on Lake Yonah. Yesterday, we just went about our normal process and unloaded the boats, sprayed ourselves really well with sunscreen, filled our kayaks with water and Gatorade and snacks, and “pick up” the local lake dog. The last item mentioned was not on our usual list but it happened. She was very sweet and instantly wanted to paddle with us. I’m sure she does that to everyone but we felt special for a moment.

Then we were off and the lake was as always “beautiful and big”. As one of the Georgia Power lakes in the string of five, it helps  to supply electricity to the northeastern side of the state of Georgia.

Anne and Pat are ready to get started. Most everyone paddles on this lake, and you can see the evidence of that in the background. The lake is “littered” with kayaks and canoes and plenty of boats.

I always take a photo of this little lake house. Years ago, it was the Post Office for Lake Yonah. There are still two lights on the side of the house: red means the mail is “not” in and green means it is “in.” I guess each day people once took their boats or paddled their canoes to the PO to pick up their mail. At one time, there was no road access to the houses on this lake. Material for any houses built was brought to the location by barge.

Anne’s friend’s house and boat dock complete with a “lake swimming” dog! These folks always ask us to get out of our kayaks and stay awhile but we rarely do. They are so kind and love to have lake parties!

A beautiful view: while we didn’t paddle far, it was far enough to see how we are doing in preparation for the Tugaloo River History Tour on May 26. So far, we are doing pretty good.

New puppy for Anne’s friends. This one will definitely be a “water dog” like the other one.

A great ending for a nice day in the sun. It was 92! Wonder what this summer is going to be like?! Today, is suppose to be 97!  We’ll be begging for fall by August!