Usually, we try to drive to Asheville, North Carolina, for New Year’s Day but this year I didn’t know if I would be too tired by the time we returned home. So we let go of Grove Park Inn and turned to Brasstown Valley Resort for a day of relaxing by the fire and doing very little else. Here I am looking very “Chemo” in one of my favorite hats knitted by Lenea Martel. (You can find her on Facebook.)

They kept the fire burning all day for us and others.

We also enjoyed the lobby. It wasn’t Grove Park with its massive fireplace but it was warm and cozy.

More warm and cozy . . . and more windows looking out to the north Georgia mountains.

This place is definitely north Georgia relaxing.

You can always find something to photograph, if you just look up!

I noticed this sign cut into the stone over the inn’s doorway. It reads: “Leave your worries at our doorstep.” This is what I’m learning to do on a daily basis.

This is my parting shot for Christmas. It’s over; it’s a wrap; and spring is only three months away! Big Smile!