Whitewater Falls iced! I was really glad to make it to the first overlook, especially after finishing Chemo in mid-December. I told someone last week that the way you beat cancer is to refuse to give in or give up. The doctors have told me to do whatever I can do and keep doing it. I’ll now go on maintenance for a year.

A close-up of the ice with water rushing behind it.

So we made it to the bottom platform but then we had to climb back up. All of us have asked what in the world were we thinking. Our legs are feeling the pain!

The wooden steps are new—the result of the fires that burned so much of north Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina last summer.

This winter I have been fascinated by the Rhododendron. We have spent many days with below freezing weather and the poor leaves on these plants have just rolled up almost in an effort to keep warm.

This faded natural hydrangea made me smile. I didn’t get to visit this set of falls last summer, and it is as if this flower was left just for me.

I love this little bench and always imagine people in the spring and summer sitting on it at the end of the day watching the sunset.