Right now, everywhere I turn I see fields of pumpkins. There are bins of pumpkins and all the other things that go with fall. As I walked through the aisles at Jaemor Farms, I also realized that Americans love choice! We want to choose from many colors and sizes and shapes. Thus the reason for an abundance of pumpkins beginning in early September!

This pumpkin in the above photo is called a Cinderella Pumpkin. Ha! I have one of these in my kitchen and I’m looking for Prince Charming to show up at my door!

Indian corn always brings back warm memories and reminds me of fall and especially Thanksgiving! I end up photographing it every year. I think I’m drawn to the rich colors.

I thought this was a really cool pumpkin. I almost felt sorry for it sitting alone beside a small pot of pansies. I hope it got to go home with someone before the day was over.

These are small pumpkins and they never had the chance to grow up and become the Great Pumpkin, which stared in the Peanuts film by the same name! I bought a bunch of these and have then in a handmade bowl on the dinning room table.

And if I’m concerned about not having a pumpkin that will last from Halloween to Thanksgiving (they do rot in our warmer weather), I don’t need to worry. I can choose to buy a clay pumpkin and light it up with a fake battery operated candle for Halloween and later buy a pumpkin for Thanksgiving. (smile).

After choosing what I think is the perfect pumpkin, I can boost my energy level with ice cold Apple Cider, which is usually made from several different types of apples so it is sweet but tart and just right for drinking! I can never pass this up because it is so good ice cold!