Being on Chemo is no fun and because of the exhaustion that comes with it, I have rarely had the opportunity to travel outside of my new comfort zone which has been a Chemo chair. But recently, I got to go to Highlands, North Carolina, where I had pizza and bought  bagels for breakfast the following morning!

I took a photo of friend’s pizza but when mine arrived, I didn’t even think about lifting a camera.

I just tore into it and didn’t even think about photographing it until after it was almost gone. Before this time in my life, friends and I would go to Mountain Fresh Grocery and have the most outrageous time enjoying simple things. While this is a much different time, there are still lots of things to plan for and do in the future.

I still love the romantic feel of Fat Pine. Eugenia Price often wrote about it and especially about her first experiences of using it on St. Simons Island. It’s totally a Georgia thing. In fact, I don’t think you are a southern native unless you use Fat Pine to start your winter fires.

Then there was the familiar sunset on the way home and the reminder of the goodness of God and His eternal blessings. They are new every morning.