Thank goodness the rain is over for a while! I was able to get out to Kennesaw Mountain with the dogs last night. They go nuts whenever they see the deer (which is often) and the deer couldn’t care less about them. In this photo, we were riding alongside a mother and her baby. So sweet!

She stopped briefly to think about the dogs, who were barking and driving me nuts because I wanted to take photos. Cocoa literally jump from the backseat into my lap with one leap!

Just beautiful. Every evening at Kennesaw the wildlife come out to play.

Here’s another mom and her baby. The baby wasn’t so sure of me. I believe she went up to her mother for reassurance that I was okay. They both let me walk up to them to take this photo, which was amazing. I came away from the mountain feeling totally relaxed and grateful for a wild but good walk with Chip and Cocoa Joy!