I’m a part of a really cool group of friends and we celebrate birthdays. Every birthday in some small or large way! This past weekend we celebrated Pat’s and her only request was to visit what she calls The Enchanted Forest that she had visited years ago at Roan Mountain. (Somehow, I believe C. S. Lewis would approve of the name.) Easy request and interesting visit. We had no idea that winter would still have a grip on the mountain but then we were up pretty high.

Of course, I was all over this request because I know the area is in the middle of the Appalachian Trail! The Pisgah National Forest is my favorite. I was thinking about it recently. That forest has so much to offer and it is deep and beautiful.

I’ve been to this “enchanted” forest during the summer and fall but never when it has been covered with a dusting of snow. It is beautiful in any season and we had a great time.

The hemlocks and pine trees were iced but still just as inviting.

Beth found a pathway to a higher level.

I love Hemlocks! It is the one tree that I wish I had on the Toccoa property but don’t.

Someone asked if this was a “bear tree” and the answer is yes! Judging from the feel of the bark, it had been visited the night before! (smile)

This probably was when we decided that we needed to find our way out of the forest and go back to the cars.