The light on Cumberland Island is dramatic. I knew midday light would be harsh but what do you do when you are not spending the night in a tent in one of the two or three primitive campgrounds? You make the most of it and just take photos anyway.

But look at the difference three hours make. We were heading out to the beach at the island’s Sea Camp and walking over many sand dunes in the process. What a beautiful sight! The National Park Service actually got this one right.

Late afternoon sand dunes with the ocean in the background.

The was taken midday when Sharon and Jim were with us. They later decided not to go to Sea Camp.

Here’s my pack on the beach. We had stripped off morning sweaters and light weight jackets and the longer legs to our convertible pants.

And finally here at the showers that I used years ago after hiking a week on Cumberland Island. They now have netting overhead. Years ago, you showered while looking straight up into the trees. P. S. there are no showers like these in the back country on Cumberland.