A few weeks ago, I left the dogs in Toccoa and headed for the Biltmore House with friends. We were in search of beautiful roses but we also found so much more to photograph. “The rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the heart.” —unknown

There were the gardens and the greenhouse—the “tiny” greenhouse.

The hot sun was beating down on us! The next time I visit the Biltmore House, I think I’ll stay overnight and tour the gardens late in the day. On this trip, we toured the house in the morning, landed in the courtyard around 1 pm, had lunch, and then rushed through the gardens so we could drive over the rest of the estate. Then we had to get back to Toccoa to fed two hungry dogs!

The flowers danced in the summer breeze and sunlight.

I did not know how to photograph the water lilies! There were so many and the sun was just too hot.

Even the Carp were beautiful!

Once the flower is gone the stem looks more like a water sprinkler. Confusing!

Bright but pretty.

Catch the reflection in this one—of the flowers and the clouds, too.

And then were was plenty of Bee Balm and bees.

Just a sweet little lily. Reminds me of another photo shoot from years ago.