Got everything unloaded last night and settled in the cottage and realized that the sky in Toccoa was going to put on a light show for me. The sunset was absolutely beautiful. Everything was in full bloom. Dusty had trimmed the lawn and all the bushes. And “Evelyn” the Wisteria vine was blooming again. I don’t quite understand that because that usually happens in the spring but I keep thinking that it is God’s reminder to me that He can do anything. The blue birds were in and out of their house and I think they have another brew of babies on the way.

Here’s “Evelyn.” A “cutting” that Rebecca and I took from a vine at Toccoa Falls has grown into a small tree at the For•rest cottage. (smile) Wisteria was Mrs. Forrest’s favorite plant.

Even the vapors from a lone jet were caught up in the waning sunlight. Life truly is good, especially when we acknowledge God’s mercy and goodness to us.

With that in mind, I lit candles, gathered up the dogs, and watched the stars come out for a very simple but sweet patio.