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Old Car City

I wish someone could explain to me why I like places like this. Maybe it is the junk that I feel still has some type of value that draws me. For month, I have been dropping hints to friends to go with me to Old Car City—a paradise for photographers who want to capture images [...]

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Yellow is one of the most happiest of colors! Even on the grayest of days it celebrates life and sings praises to the One who created us. It  celebrates time spent with with friends and family. Joy, joy, and love. Even when yellow is alone, it still sings . . .  the happiest of songs [...]

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Since I was young, my mother has collected bears for me. Then friends and people I would meet along the way began giving me bears. I have even had people win bears at fall carnivals and give them to me. When this happens, I just add them to my "bear family," which usually resides on [...]

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