Back in Atlanta and back to work. So, do you remember Wilson from the movie Castaway? On Monday, we were doing a video shoot at one of the church youth spaces that we (CDH Partners) designed. The Student Ministries Minister told me he often uses “Wilson” as a conversation starter and to remind students that they are never alone.

Hmmmm, I thought looking over at one of our principals, who is usually very anxious about doing interviews.

As it turned out, Wilson was quite a hit and we all began to imagine the fun we could have with him in the office. In fact, he became so much fun that “we” couldn’t and didn’t let go of him.

He even became a little bit of “security blanket” as we started the interview.

And halfway through, Wilson was still front and center—exactly where he stayed until we left. Score one for Wilson, right?! Sorry to report though, he won’t be seen in the actual video. Still  we’ll have the memory of his presence with us—always.