Since I was young, my mother has collected bears for me. Then friends and people I would meet along the way began giving me bears. I have even had people win bears at fall carnivals and give them to me. When this happens, I just add them to my “bear family,” which usually resides on the guestroom bed. But there’s not a “guest room” at the cottage in Toccoa yet. Two bedrooms are back in working order but the third one is not yet—at least not at this moment though I did get a wonderful idea for putting it together last weekend while visiting Forrest Cottage at Toccoa Falls.

So back to my story . . . I placed all the bears on my bed and left the room. Then I returned to find guess who sitting in the middle of the pile?

I told her to get down because we were going to leave to drive back to Atlanta and the second “guess who” wanted to see the bears!

Then I began to hunt for the cat to put him in his kennel for the drive back to the city and found him here—in the middle of the bears.