The Park Service has been working on the pathway leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King’s home. But I think you can make out the fact that he was born in the house shown below on January 15, 1929. Had he lived, he would have been 85 years old this past January.

This is where Dr. King lived when he was a young boy. He would have played on this wrap-around porch that has lots of room for chairs and coversation.

And here is the family’s view of the city. I’m sure it was a lot different in the early 30’s.

The view from across the street. Admittedly, the sign tells us that Dr. King’s father, Daddy King, did well in ministry. The house is simple but very nice.

I think the Park Service is also in the middle of cleaning the house. As I worked my way around the outside, I fell in love with this window with its really cool glass.